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Professional Flow Instrumentation & Calibration Services

NIST Traceable FacilityHave us certify calibration in one of the largest private facilities of its kind.

Keep Your Equipment Up to DateTerralogger can keep your equipment running and like new.  No need to waste resources on buying new equipment.

Equipment RentalsTerralogger owns and maintains one of the largest fleets of portable flow meters and rain gauges on the market.

Comprehensive Field ServicesCalibrations, Flow Monitoring Services, Installation, & Training… We do it all.

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Model 2000 Velocity Meter

Marsh-McBirney Model 2000 (Flo-Mate) - Rentals, Repairs, Certified Calibrations, & Field Services

Model 201 A

Marsh-McBirney Model 201A Analog Velocity Meter - Repairs, Certified Calibrations, & Field Services

Model 201 D

Marsh-McBirney Model 201 Digital Velocity Meter - Repairs, Certified Calibrations, & Field Services

Model 460 - Flo-Tote 3

Marsh-McBirney Model 460 (Flo-Tote 3) - Rentals, Repairs, Firmware Upgrades, & Field Services

Model 460 - Flo-Dar

Marsh-McBirney Model 460 (Flo-Dar) - Rentals, Repairs, Firmware Upgrades, & Field Services

Rainger RL1 Rain Gauge

Savannah Environmental, Inc. Model RL1(Rainger Rain Gauge) - Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Calibrations, & Field Services

Model 260 - Flo-Tote

Marsh-McBirney Model 260 (Flo-Tote I & II) - Repairs, & Field Services

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" They are just great to work with!  Quick turnaround time and excellent service."

John Garza, Public Works

"My instruments are calibrated yearly.  Terralogger did a great job and communication was excellent each step of the way."

Scott Lehman

"My aging fleet of meters is like new… Thanks to Terralogger.  Their rental program has saved me many times!"

Dan Byers

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How Do I Ship A Meter Back?

It’s easy.  Just choose RETURN EQUIPMENT from the menu and fill out the ticket.  This will help us keep track of your equipment through each phase of the service we provide.  Otherwise, email or call us and we will set you right up!


Why Can't I Calibrate My Own Equipment?

Accurate calibration of flow instrumentation requires a special facility.  Terralogger uses state of the art equipment along with a massive sensor towing basin.  We have several recirculating flow loops as well.


Can you calibrate my instruments at my location?

We can perform in-situ calibrations, which is flow profiling and “tuning” your instrument to its monitoring location.


What kind of equipment do you have available for rent?

Terralogger carries has one of the largest fleets of flow meters and rain gauges available for rent.  We carry the Marsh-McBirney/Hach Flo-Tote 3, the Savannah Environmental, Inc. Rainger Rain gauge, and the Flo-Mate handheld velocity meter.


What if you can't repair a unit?

In the rare case we cannot repair an instrument, we will notify you and ship it back.  The only fees incurred would be shipping .

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